Skateboard Wall Art, Blue to Purple aka White Belts' Dream

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Skateboard Wall Art, Blue to Purple aka White Belts' Dream

Transform Your Space with SSBJJ's Stunning Skateboard Wall Art
Are you ready to elevate your space and showcase your passion for BJJ, skateboarding, and stunning art? Introducing "Skateboard Wall Art, Blue to Purple aka White Belts' Dream" – an exclusive set of three skateboard decks by SSBJJ. Featuring a mesmerizing abstract wave design in vibrant purples and blues, this wall art captures the journey of a BJJ practitioner advancing from Blue Belt to the coveted Purple Belt.

Perfect for BJJ Enthusiasts and Art Lovers Alike
At SSBJJ, we believe in doing more of what makes you happy! Our brand is dedicated to the dynamic community of BJJ, Jiu-Jitsu, grappling, skateboarding, and surfing enthusiasts. This unique piece of wall art is designed to inspire and energize your living space while celebrating your passion for progression and mastery in BJJ.

Why "Blue to Purple aka White Belts' Dream" is a Must-Have
- **Symbolic Imagery**: The high-contrast, abstract wave design symbolizes the journey and skill progression from Blue Belt to Purple Belt in BJJ, making it a meaningful addition to any space.
- **Premium Quality**: Crafted with top-tier materials, these skateboard decks are built to last and maintain their vibrant, eye-catching prints.
- **Unique Decor**: Perfect for your home, office, gym, or dojo, this wall art seamlessly blends the worlds of BJJ, skateboarding, and modern art.
- **Positive Vibes**: Reflecting our slogan, "Do more of what makes you happy!", this artwork embodies the spirit of joy, positivity, and relentless pursuit of passion.

Join the SSBJJ Family
Choosing SSBJJ means joining a community that celebrates passion, progression, and positivity. Our products are designed for those who live boldly and seek inspiration in every aspect of their lives. This skateboard wall art perfectly represents our ethos, blending the thrill of extreme sports with the discipline and elegance of BJJ

Order Your Unique Wall Art Today
Don't miss out on this exceptional piece of art that celebrates your journey in BJJ and your love for skateboarding. Order "Skateboard Wall Art, Blue to Purple aka White Belts' Dream" today and let it inspire you every day.

Embrace the Journey – Do More of What Makes You Happy with SSBJJ!

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All our decks are made out of Canadian Maple, here in the USA.  


Deck Length 32.25"
Wheelbase 14.25"
Concave Medium Concave
Construction 7 ply Made In USA Cold Pressed Canadian Hard Rock Maple


The delivery estimate is 45 workdays.