Skateboard Wall Art (Acai)

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Introducing our "Acai" Skateboard Wall Art, a stunning piece that captures the essence of skateboarding, jiu-jitsu, and the superfood acai. This unique artwork is perfect for anyone who loves these three elements and wants to add a touch of style to their living space.

The Skateboard Wall Art features a vibrant and colorful design that is inspired by jiu-jitsu and the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, where acai berries grow. The artwork perfectly captures the energy, dedication, and precision required in both skateboarding and jiu-jitsu, and the superfood acai's health benefits.

The Skateboard Wall Art is made from high-quality maple wood, ensuring durability and longevity. The piece measures 31 inches by 8 inches, making it a perfect fit for any room in your home or office. The colorful design will impress anyone who sees it, adding a unique and inspiring touch to your space.

Skateboarding and jiu-jitsu require discipline, focus, and practice, and acai is a superfood known for its energy-boosting properties, making this artwork a perfect representation of the dedication required for these elements.

So, bring home "Acai" Skateboard Wall Art and elevate your space with this stunning piece of art that perfectly embodies the essence of skateboarding, jiu-jitsu, and the superfood acai. Whether you're a passionate skateboarder, jiu-jitsu practitioner, or just appreciate great art, this Skateboard Wall Art is a must-have.

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All our decks are made out of Canadian Maple, here in the USA.  

Deck Length 32.25"
Wheelbase 14.25"
Concave Medium Concave
Construction 7 ply Made In USA Cold Pressed Canadian Hard Rock Maple


The delivery estimate is 45 workdays.