Part 2 of "Top 5 most common skin infections in BJJ and methods of prevention and cures."

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Part 2 of "Top 5 most common skin infections in BJJ and methods of prevention and cures."

In light of the recent stories about the nasty skin infections circulating the grappling and MMA world, we decided to share some of our "Best Practices" for staying healthy while staying on the mats.

While no one likes to think about contracting a skin infection, the reality is that these ailments are an occupational hazard for grapplers. The close physical contact and shared equipment involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu create an environment ripe for contagious culprits like ringworm, staph, and more to spread.

Don't panic - with the proper knowledge and precautions, you can significantly reduce your risk and keep training safely. Here are the top 5 most common skin infections in BJJ along with expert tips on prevention and treatment:

1. Ringworm
This fungal infection causes itchy, red, circular rashes that can spread across the body. To avoid catching ringworm, thoroughly disinfect your SSBJJ no-gi gear after each session and observe good mat hygiene.

2. Staph Infection
Caused by Staphylococcus bacteria, staph manifests as swollen, painful red bumps. Never grapple with open wounds and wash gear in hot, antimicrobial detergent to kill lingering germs.

3. Impetigo
These contagious blisters can ooze fluid and develop honey-colored crusts. Don't share personal items like towels and wash up diligently after rolling to halt its spread.

4. Herpes Gladiatorum
This "mat herpes" virus leads to painful, fluid-filled blisters that can reoccur. Avoid skin-to-skin contact when breakouts are present.

5. Folliculitis
Rolling can cause hair follicles to become inflamed and infected. Shower ASAP after training and use an anti-bacterial body wash to flush out pores.

So how can BJJ athletes protect themselves? Follow these 5 actionable prevention tips:

1) Invest in high-quality gym hygiene essentials like WATER and SOAP!  And for the love of god use them aka SHOWER as soon as possible.  Quicker you shower, the less chance you give to bacteria and virus.

2) Make SSBJJ's antimicrobial rashguards and compression gear part of your grappling uniform. The advanced fabric inhibits bacterial growth.

3) Use a barrier cream like Defense Wipe to create a protective layer on exposed skin before hitting the mats.

4) Perform a self-check before and after rolling. Don't train if you spot suspicious bumps, rashes or lesions.

5) Stay in top shape through proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep to boost your immune defenses.

If you do develop an infection, don't try to tough it out. Seek medical treatment promptly and follow your doctor's guidance on appropriate medication. With some vigilance and smart habits, you can continue pursuing your jiu-jitsu journey while keeping skin problems at bay.


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