Baby steps

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Baby Steps

With an enthusiastic yell, 10-year-old Jamie popped up on his surfboard and rode his very first wave all the way to shore. Beaming with pride, he turned to his surf instructor Tyler who had been patiently working with Jamie all morning. "Did you see that?! I can't believe I actually did it!" Jamie exclaimed.

Tyler smiled and gave Jamie a high five. "Great job, buddy! I knew you could do it if you kept at it." Jamie had struggled and fallen many times that morning, but Tyler kept encouraging him to get back on the board and try again. "Keep going and have fun, that's what surfing is all about," Tyler had said. "Do more of what makes you happy" rang in Jamie's ears as he recalled Tyler's advice. Jamie was thrilled that he stuck with it despite the falls, as this first triumphant ride brought him immense joy.

Jamie knew that to learn anything new, you have to accept being bad at it at first. As Tyler told him, "If you get frustrated when you can't do something right away, you'll never grow." Jamie embraced this wisdom, allowing himself to "suck" and fall many times with patience and grace on his journey toward catching that wave.

And now his perseverance had paid off. Soaking wet but filled with elation, Jamie carried his board out of the surf, eager to tell his parents about catching his first wave. Tyler gave Jamie an affectionate pat on the back, proud to see his student progress from fumbling beginner to triumphant surfer. Jamie couldn't wait to get back out on the water and catch more waves, fueled by the joy and sense of accomplishment from this major milestone.


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