Aristotle: "Happiness depends upon ourselves"

Posted by SSBJJ

Aristotle had profound insight into the nature of happiness and fulfillment. His statement that "Happiness depends upon ourselves" reflects the view that true joy comes from within, not from external things. Aristotle encourages us to take an active role in creating our own happiness by living purposefully and developing excellence of character.

Though circumstances may limit us in some respects, we have control over our perspectives, priorities, and responses. We can choose to pursue virtues and activities that engage our best selves. We can find meaning through developing our talents and serving others. We can savor simple joys each day as we learn and grow.

Aristotle would likely advise us to reflect on the kind of person we wish to become and what makes life meaningful for us. We may find that what brings deep fulfillment is using our strengths to positively impact our communities. Or it may be dedicating time to creative pursuits that express our soul. The path to happiness is unique for each of us.

The most reliable way to a joyful life is looking within and having the courage to live authentically, generously and purposefully. Do more of what ignites your passions, connects you to others, and serves the greater good. Prioritize growth and fulfillment over status and pleasure-seeking. Aristotle reminds us that if we live thoughtfully each day, "happiness depends upon ourselves." The opportunity for joy is within us.


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